# How long does it take for the verification email to arrive?

Depending on the verification queue, it can take up to half an hour for the email to arrive.


# How much time do I have to verify a domain?

Newly registered domains must be verified within 14 days. Existing domains must be verified within 7 days.


# Where can I change my contact info?

Contact info can be changed via the client Area under Domains > My Domains > "Select one of your Domains" > Contact Information.


# What happens if I don't verify?

For a domain that has never been verified, the domain will be suspended if not verified within the specified timeframe (see above). This means that the website and email service associated with the domain will stop working. You will see a page with a notice about ICANN's RAA and instructions to verify the contact.

For a domain that has been verified previously, if you don't verify, the website/email will continue to work. There won't any negative impact. The pending change to registrant information, however, won't go through.

Once a domain is suspended, only a successful contact change can un-suspend the domain.


# What triggered this verification notice?

New domain registrations, change in 1. first name, 2. last name, or 3. email address for the Registrant contact will trigger the RAA verification process. Changing just the organization name will not trigger the verification process but a change notice will go out to the registrant email.

The verification email will go to the NEW email address. The changes will not be reflected on the domain name until the RAA email is verified.

This process does not apply to changes to Administrative, Technical, or Billing contacts.


# How do I restart the verification?

If the previous verification timed out, the new contact info won't be applied. You can change the contact info again to restart the verification. If the verification is still pending, modify the contact info again to the desired contact to have the verification email sent out again. Otherwise, you can cancel the verification (see below), then submit a new contact change to to restart.


# How do I cancel the verification?

A verification can be cancelled via the verification email sent to the new contact address. You can also submit the existing contact information again to cancel the verification process.


# How do I know if there is a domain needing validation?

Navigating to client Area under Domains > My Domains > "Select one of your Domains" > Contact Information you can see the warning at the top of your page if there is a pending verification on that specific domain.


# How do I check to see if verification was successful?

As soon as you click on the verification link, you will see this message:

You will also receive a two follow up emails summarizing the changes, one at the new registrant email and one at the old registrant email with the following subjects:





# I get the message "It has already been verified. It has expired or has been canceled" What do I do?

Check to see if the information has been updated. If not, resend another verification email.


# How do I know if the link is safe to click on?

The link in the email will contain the domain raa.name-services.com. Please do not click on any link that is not from this domain. Please mouse over the link and make sure that the destination is really name-services.com before clicking on it. The complete link looks like:


Subject: IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for (domain)

Sent From: donotreply@name-services.com

As the "From" address can be faked, please make sure that the link starts with http://raa.name-services.com/


# Can I reply to you to verify?

No, please verify via the link only. Technical Support can not click on the link for you.


# My domain name is misspelled, what do I do?

If you misspell a domain name during registration, you will need to register a new domain name with the correct spelling.

Once you submit order an order and the domain has been successfully registered, it cannot be refunded. Because of this, we urge our customers to verify spelling once in the shopping cart and again prior to purchase.

For the misspelled domain name, please disable auto-renew and setup a domain forwarding to the correct domain.


# If a domain is suspended, will it still auto-renew?



# I didn't act on the verification email. How do I re-register this domain?

You will only receive the verification email for a domain that has been successfully registered. If the domain is suspended, restarting and completing the verification process will un-suspend it.


# Where can I read the ICANN Policies regarding Whois Information?

For more information about ICANN's Whois Data and Accuracy policy please see here.


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